Friday, June 02, 2006

Remember the woman I work with?

I call her Meika?

Well, she just made one of the stupidest fucking comments I have ever heard...

I just got Baja Fresh (for those of you that haven't had the pleasure, they're a Mexican "grille" that has food just short of amazing), and got a Baja Steak taco and a bowl of Torilla Soup with Chicken and sliced avacado. Anyway, I get back to my desk and start eating, and she walks in after I'm done the taco, and just starting the soup. The taco was good, but the soup was freaking great! Back on topic...she sits down at her desk and has the nerve to say "Gee, what did you get for lunch?" I reply with "Steak taco and tortilla's great!" To which she says, "Well, it doesn't smell very good from over's very...aromatic..." in her wierd mid-west accented speaking.

WHAT THE FUCK? This shit I'm eating is like Heaven-on-Earth, and you have the nerve to tell me that it doesn't smell very good? I could see if I was eating a shit salad or puke soup, but come on! This is like a tomato based soup with tortilla chips, avacado slices, cheese, onions, peppers, and hot's great, and it smells amazing!

Now, this normally wouldn't be so bad...I'm used to her stupid comments about stupid shit, but it just so happens that yesterday, she brought in this disgusting smelling leftover scallop dish with "an oil and cream sauce" as she said. I swear to everything Holy that I thought I was going to puke yesterday afternoon when she walked into the office. I mean, I love fish...I grew up on the Jersey shore, and eating fish is like drinking just do it. I love scallops also, but these smelled like they'd been sitting on the dock in 110 degree heat for two months! The whole office smelled like nasty, rotten fish! I can't believe she didn't get sick from eating this shit! And she's got the nerve to tell me my Baja Fresh doesn't smell good...

This brings me to another story...we have a cleaning guy here, who is Mexican something-or-other, and he's a generally nice guy. One day, my group and I were in on a Saturday doing disk builds, and this guy cooks whitefish in one of the microwaves. It smelled at least ten times worse than what Meika ate yesterday, but I didn't throw up. He stunk up the entire trailer adjunct area (we have a big building, but its mostly test area, so most of the offices are housed in trailers) to the point where you had to hold your nose for at least 45 seconds while walking from the main building to our office. When someone make a "joke" about it, the cleaner said that he had to eat the whitefish here, because he didn't want to stink up his house! WHAT. A. FUCKER! I swear...people have no fucking manners anymore!