Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jose Reyes hits for the cycle!

Well, the Mets lost last night, but so did everyone else that matters. The cool part is that Jose Reyes, the Mets soon-to-be All-Star shortstop, hit for the cycle. Reyes had a lead off homerun, the fourth in his career, hit a double in the third inning, a tripe in the fifth, and a single in the eighth inning. He's also riding a 9 game hitting streak, in which he's batting .489. Badass!

Hitting for the cycle isn't as rare as, say, pitching a perfect game, or even a no-hitter, but it only happens once or twice per year. In fact, since the Mets have been in existence (1962), only eight Mets have hit for the cycle. Reyes is number nine. Some of the greatest hitters of all time, including Babe Ruth, have never done it, and far as I can tell, only two players have ever done it three times, Babe Herman and Bob Meusel.