Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Hey, Miss Murder can I? Hey, Miss Murder can I? Make beauty stay if I, take my life?"

Today is 6/6/06, and afi's new cd, decemberunderground, comes out today, on the Devil's Day. They're having a party in Hell, complete with a kids section, though I doubt its to celebrate the release of this cd.

This cd is more than three years in the making. Davey Havok, the singer for afi, screamer-extraordinaire, injured his vocal chords, and if I recall correctly, needed surgery to repair them. He had to undergo a particularly long recovery process, thus, the cd took forever to come out. For those of us that have been waiting with baited breath, we hope that this cd delivers to afi's potential.

I started listening to afi almost ten years ago, when I saw them (they were my first live band) at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, with L7 (who sucked) and the Offspring, who put on an amazing show. afi used to be a really, really fast paced hardcore punk band, who have since gone for a harder, somewhat mellower, but allthewhile more aggressive approach. I know, it makes no sense, but if you've listened to afi, you'd understand. I stopped listening to them when they went through their weird goth stages for Black Sails in the Sunset and the Art of Drowning, but found them again when they released the awe-inspiring Sing the Sorrow. I'm going to grab this cd today, and hopefully have a little review type thingie up for tomorrow. I very rarely buy new cds, so this is kind of a rarity.