Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Killing Zarqawi was luck?

Go read the Article.

No, it was us, having good intelligence for a change, and getting the bombs where they needed to be without the senseless interdictions by international lawyers in the military's employ. I highly suggest that everyone read Dereliction of Duty by Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson (Ret.). It details how a certain Clinton had several opportunities to kill Usama Bin-Laden, as well as other high ranking al-Qaeda operatives and commanders, but didn't. Apparently, Clinton was too busy playing golf...when a US Special Forces sniper had UBL in his crosshairs. Clinton wouldn't order the strike...he said it could "wait for later". It also hashes out stories of the 90s military being essentially "frozen" by the lawyers who wouldn't allow them to carry out their orders. The lawyers were too interested with international law and how the US would look to the UN to allow the military to do their jobs and protect American sovereignty and freedom.

Now, what happens when those lawyers are told to piss off, and we get good human intelligence from the ground? We hit what we want to, and we kill who we want to. By the time lawyers would allow us to do this, Zarqawi would have been long gone. Lord, I pray for the day when we can drop bombs and hit what we want to, instead of dropping thousands of dollars worth of useful ordnance on a couple of camels in the desert.