Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So I'm sitting on the can at work, minding my own business, and I'm reading the news and sports headlines on the feed from my pager. Yes, I do read while I'm taking a crap, and although having a pager means you're more or less connected to work 24x7, it's nice to be able to check the Mets score at 4:30, while you're out walking the dog.

Anyway, the news report said the following: "GAO [General Accounting Office] Audit Finds FEMA Funds Spent on Divorce, Sex Change, Vacation for Hurricane Victims"


I had to look into this a little further. Foxnews has a story up about it, CNN has one, so does MSNBC, and I'm sure others do too. $1.4 BILLION in misallocated funds? That's a big chunk of taxpayer dollars, which both you and I spent. I mean, how does this shit happen?

Fox brings news of season football tickets, porn, strippers, vacations, and MSNBC adds the sex change operation. People were scamming the hell out of the government...out of you and me. Will these people ever be brought to justice? No. Why? Because many of them are probably black (hey, I'm just playing the statistics here...Nagin said he wanted to rebuild New Orleans as a "chocolate" city...his words, not mine) and the minute that federal indictments are brought, Je$$e Jack$on will be out in force with the dems, talking about how poor they were, and the indictments are motivated by race and class warfare.

When will our government learn?