Tuesday, June 13, 2006

While the rest of us abide by the law, another Kennedy gets off.

When will this shit stop?

Everyone knows he was drinking. Everyone knows he told the officers he was a Kennedy, and probably threatened them if they brought him in for being drunk. I don't necessarily blame the officers who saw him get into the accident, although they should have done a sobriety test as soon as he hit the barrier.

I do blame Congressional leadership, both on the Republican and Democratic side. The dems will just say he has an addiction and that we should be caring and understanding (read: lenient). The republicrats will do nothing, since they don't want to offend the nobler sensibilities of the dems. Damn it all to hell! First of all, when will the Kennedy's learn? Secondly, when will the rest of American learn not to let the Kennedy's do what they want? FUCK!