Friday, June 02, 2006

Everything went pretty well yesterday with the new puppy.

I picked him up around 2 PM, then took him to PetSmart, where he got the shit scared out of him from some piece of crap Pekinese type fucker. I wish I could have punted that little brown turd for scaring my puppy. Fucker.

Seamus was very good at the apartment, although he did poop twice. He also pooped twice outside, so he's just definitely not in the house trained phase yet. We'll be working on that over the next couple of weeks. He didn't much want to sleep last night. We put him in his crate, and he slept for a half hour, then woke up and started crying. My fiancee didn't want him to keep crying, and since she didn't have class today, she took him out and stayed up with him. He would sleep for a half hour or 40 minutes, then get up and want to play for awhile, then go back to sleep again. With the amount of exercise that he got yesterday, I would think he'd sleep for like two days, but no...He has a vet appointment this afternoon so that we can make sure everything is kosher with him.

I've been thinking about starting another blog, just to talk about him and my experiences, so that I can look back at it in a few months or years and remember exactly what it was like to have a puppy again...