Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is bullshit.

Afghan Parliament Passes Motion to Prosecute US Soldiers...

This right here is downright dangerous. Afghanistan is going to prosecute our soldiers for getting into a car accident, because they were the cause of rioting in Kabul. Pu-lease. The soldiers were driving down the road and their brakes happens. They got into a car accident,and killed five locals. From their reaction, you'd think the soldiers were hanging a pregnant Afghani woman upside down from her toes. I mean, it sucks that they killed five Afghanis, but for the locals to react like that is just short of LA, post-Rodney King, or New Orleans, post-Katrina.

As much as I support the war on terror, I'm starting to get more and more to the conclusion that these people are never going to learn. For that, we should pull out and teach them what the US can do when it gets pissed. To borrow a line from Team America: World Police, the sand would light up like the eyes of Allah...only the eyes of Allah would be in the form of a 100 Megaton warhead.