Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fuck the RIAA.

The RIAA is suing XM Radio because of XM's new recordable receivers...

A month ago, XM released the Pioneer Inno, a receiver capable of recording XM broadcasts as MP3s and storing MP3s from a computer for later playback. The RIAA feels that this use of the technology is infringing on their copyrights, because they're not getting the money they feel they deserve for each copy of the music. It's been established that when a consumer purchases a cd, they then own a license to play that music in whatever format they want (this does not include downloaded music, as that works differently). With downloaded music, specifically iTunes, you have a license to play that music on one portable system and two computers, if I recall correctly.

Why wouldn't this XM receiver carry the same type of licensing? I mean, you're paying for XM, so its not as though you're downloading them illegally (although the RIAA says that copyright laws don't stop you from downloading music off the internet, just sharing it). You've paid for the equipment. Why can't you listen to a song, save it while you're listening to it, and then play it back later? Isn't this the same concept as a TIVO or DVR?

Tell you what, RIAA, why don't you just sue everyone...huh? Since sharing music is illegal, and everyone burns cds for everyone else, and MP3s & MP3 players abound, and you'll never control the entire internet, why not just sue everyone. Instead of monetary damages, why not see an injunction that will stop everyone from using their computers, MP3 players, iPods, etc, so that they HAVE to buy cds from you. I guess the fact that the labels that comprise you put out shitty music doesn't have anything to do with your declining sales. I mean, when was the last time a "Led Zeppelin" came along? When was the last time Nirvana put out an album that completely redefined an entire musical genre? Oh, that's right, 1991...since about 1995, everything that the record labels have been putting out has been plain shit. Sure, there have been a few good bands to come down the pipe, but how about all the boy band about all the bullshit rap artists nowadays? FURIAA!!!