Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Amazing weekend!

Friday night, we got together with Meghan's dad and my buddy Tim (the guy whose car I was working on) and grilled up some burgers and had some beer. We didn't do much, but had a great time.

Saturday, Tim and I went to Meghan's dad's house and started work on the car. We were there around 8:30 AM, and finally finished up at 6:00 PM. The installation of the KYB struts and Roush lowering springs went pretty much without incident. We didn't break any bolts or have any "extra pieces", and the car drove great after we took it off the jack stands. In my last post, I was bitching about not being able to find spot-weld drill bits...we ended up going to Lowe's (I hate Lowe's) and getting a titanium 3/8" drill bit. It worked much better than what I had used previously to drill spot welds. After we got all cleaned up, we went to my dad's house and met Meghan there for some grub. My dad and I are always grilling...I make 90% of all my meat on the grill, and if its not on the grill, its on a rotisserie. Yes, I have the Ron Popiel "Set-it-and-forget-it" rotisserie. Yes, it kicks major ass. Anyway, he made a crapload of beef tips and grilled vegetables, kinda like if you were to shish-kebob, only, without the kebobs. In addition, my step-mom made some awesome spanish rice and this shrimp with beer gumbo. Both were fantastic!

Sunday, Meghan and I had to go meet with the deacon who will be marrying us in November. It all went without incident, and he didn't even ask us the "cohabitation" or "pre-maritals" questions. At least we didn't have to lie. After that, we went to my friend BJ's graduation party. Let me tell you...when these people party, they do it right! There were three kegs, a 60 lb pig, shrimp, clams, london broil, burgers, hot dogs, kielbasa, sausage and peppers, macaroni and potato salad...if you didn't leave full and drunk, it was your own damn fault! I had about 7 beers, and then started on Jaegermeister shots. I actually did a shot of Jaeger with my best friend's mother! We got all loopy, and because we knew this would happen, we had Meg's mom drop us off, then my parents picked us up. It was like we were back in high school! LOL...

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and we were pretty well tired out from the previous night's shenanigans. We got up around 8 (went to sleep at about 11 PM...yeah, we were partied out early) and went to breakfast with Meg's mom and soon-to-be step-dad. Then, we hit the road to drive home and stopped at Home Depot for some puppy-proofing supplies. Then it was on to Meg's dad's, because I had to pick up my pager, which I left there on Saturday. Meghan wanted to pick up a camping chair, since we're going to Dover Downs for the NASCAR race this coming weekend, so we went to Target and grabbed a few things, then it was off to Acme to grab dinner. Now, we had eaten so much the night before, and we both had pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast (a Jersey Shore specialty), and we were both pretty full, so no lunch for us. We decided to get some steaks for dinner, and as an appetizer, we grabbed some mussels. Acme was all out of littleneck clams...the mussels were terrible; not because Meghan didn't prepare them well, but because 70% of the bag were bad! You can't eat Mussels if they are open when you get them...we probably only got 15 GOOD mussels out of 50. I called Acme and bitched, and they gave me my money back for the mussels, so I got some shrimp, and grilled them up with the steaks.

All in all, it was a great weekend. My Memorial Day celebration was rather small, but we had a good time. More importantly, I put the Stars & Stripes out to wave in the wind, and I took a little time to reflect on what Memorial Day really is. Bane had an awesome post up about the Tomb of the Unknowns, which is awe-inspiring, if you've never seen it before. I used to know someone who was a guard at the Tomb, but haven't spoken to him in years...he always said it was the proudest thing he'd done in his life.