Monday, May 22, 2006

Baseball is in my blood.

I've been around it since I was very, very young. I started playing ball when I was probably 2 or 3, most likely as soon as I could walk and hold a bat. I played until I was 16, at which time I had a job and a girlfriend, and needed to work to afford a car. There was no time for it then, unfortunately.

As I'm sure you can tell from my sidebar, I follow the New York Mets pretty damn closely. Every year, I've got a few fantasy baseball teams going on, and I catch as many Mets/Phillies games a Citizens Bank Ballpark as I can. Philly's stadium is cheap, is absolutely beautiful, is easy to get to, and since I went to college in Philly, was much more attractive than driving to Shea Stadium, in Queens. I've been to Shea a few times, but I've probably seen the Mets play at Philly over two or three dozen times. I was there last year, when the Mets dropped seven home runs on Philly in a 16-4 win. I was there this year, when the Mets beat the Phillies 13-4. I've seen Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez, Al Leiter, John Franco, and Billy Wagner pitch. I've caught two home run balls during batting practice. I LIVE for baseball!

This past weekend marked the "hometown rivalries" portion of interleague play. The Mets were playing the Yankees, at Shea, and ended up winning two of three games (they really should have swept the Yanks). I have the on-Demand baseball package through Comcast, so I should have been able to watch all three games, but alas, the YES network used the FCC to block my access. I had to listen to Friday's game on XM, but Saturday's game was shown on FOX and yesterday was the ESPN Sunday Night Game of the Week. All three were very well played games, and I enjoyed the weekend immensely. Last night, David Wright (my hero) who, although one of the best 3rd basemen in baseball, is only about three months older than me, hit a MONSTER home run, of 445 feet to seal the game for the Mets. It was bombed over the right field fence, and out into the parking lot. I haven't seen a home run hit like that in a LONG time. After the game, Cliff Floyd was being interviewed and had the following to say about the home run: "He even tried to pimp it. But he's got no pimp." I thought that was hilarious! Cliffies mired in a slump right now, and although with most players of his caliber, I'd be bitching about them only hitting .205, Cliff Floyd is a great guy, and I can't get angry with him. I hope he turns it around, but whatever, he's a leader, and even if he is slumping, he's still helping out the team.