Monday, July 17, 2006


Crazy weekend, huh?

The Northeast US is embroiled (and I do mean broiled) in a heat wave. The last few days have been 90+. My trusty Firefox/ applet is telling me that today is supposed to be 99, and tomorrow is supposed to be 98. I blame George W. Bush for global warming. Right...

The Israelis are really giving it to the Palestinians. To tell you the truth, I haven't been following this story closely, and have no idea WHY the shit hit the fan recently. All I know is that I hope Israel finally wipes the sand clean of these fuckers, then starts on Iran. We all know that if Israel goes after Iran, the US will be right behind them. Hell, maybe the French will even send a brigade or two, you know...just to make it look like they're doing something after Chirac came out with all his threats and promises over the Iran nukes. I doubt it, though.

The Mets hit two grand slam home runs in their game against the Cubs last night. Meg and I were watching Braveheart, and in between Seamus pee breaks, I would switch over to the game. At one point, there was no score. Then, it was 0-5, Cubs. Then 2-5, Cubs. Then, all of a sudden, 13-5, Mets. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? A grand slam from Cliff Floyd, a grand slam from Carlos Beltran, a two run shot from David Wright, 40 minutes, and 70 pitches later, and the Mets have put up 11 runs in one inning, a new team record!

The Hooters CEO died this weekend...

Pete Coors, President of Coors Brewing Company, lost his license for drunk driving this last week. Funny, though, that Patrick Kennedy only got a year's probation and a $350 fine for his recent DUI/accident. Hmmm...I wonder if Mary Jo Kopechne would have anything to say about the Kennedys driving drunk?