Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NYTimes. Fucked.

On a more serious note (not that Chuck Norris facts aren't serious), the NYTimes look to be totally fucked these days. They're losing ground faster than Roseanne Barr in a foot race. For years, the internet has allowed people to access the news THEY want to see, not what the mainstream media (msm) wants them to see. People have used this power to cut through the crap and see the real news, much of it, broken by bloggers, and covered with my better accuracy, I might add.

Unfortunately for the NYTimes, LA Times, etc, they haven't gotten the fact that people don't want to read the bullshit articles about it being evil to be an American. They don't want to read about Maureen Dowd's clitoris. People want news, they want it accurate, they want it unbiased, and they want it now.

Bear in mind, the NYTimes website offers a lot, but its a subscription site. Although its free, you have to log in to view articles. What the fuck is up with that? Why would I log in and view the NYT when I can just hit up Foxnews, CNN, MSNBC, or about a thousand different news organizations? Now, I'm not here saying that CNN or MSNBC are on par with Foxnews. That's just ludicrous. In fact, they're losing readership faster Bill Clinton could eat a smoked sausage sandwich. And Foxnews isn't perfect, mind you. Most of their hosts present the news, then they have a lib and a conservative battle it out for a few minutes, usually giving some sort of preference to the conservative. The point, though, is that Foxnews actually presents news as what it, the NYTimes, etc al, tend to present the author or anchor's opinion on the situation, as news. This, my friends, is wrong, and is why the msm keeps losing viewers and readers.

Back to the point, the NYTimes announced yesterday that they were going to close a press plant in Edison, NJ, up near where I used to live. My father is a pressman for the Asbury Park Press, a Gannet newspaper, really just another piece of shite news organization, and while talking to him about it yesterday, he mentioned that the facility they're closing was only opened in 2002, and to buy the building, the presses, and actually get it operational, was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-50 million. Not only that, but the NYTimes announced that they're shrinking the size of their newspaper by 5%, to cut costs. Where will they be in 5 years if they don't stop pandering to the liberal elite and start addressing the concerns of mainstream America?