Friday, July 28, 2006

Absentee blogger.

Sorry about that, guys. I haven't been around in a few days, as I've just started working my new job, and I'm still getting the lay of the land. I'm not about a mile down the road from my old stomping grounds, on a borrowed laptop, waiting to get mine.

The nice thing about starting a new job is that you essentially get a week or two of respite to just veg, where you have pretty much ZERO responsibility. The bad part, is that you have to actually learn your new job and all the systems that are associated with it, then start doing the job. Those couple weeks are great, though.

I ended up having to join a union, which, I'll admit, is both bogus and sad. (Points if you can guess the movie...) The Association of Scientists and Professional Engineering Personnel is a Lockheed Martin MS2 only "union" that, from what I've gathered, does not operate like a normal union. I get all kinds of crazy perks from being union, and they don't strike or bitch about stupid stuff like normal blue-collar unions do...its only costing me like $6/week, anyway. From their literature, 92% of all the engineers and scientists at MS2 are members...I guess I'm just going with the crowd.

Seamus is doing well...I went to a training class last night to get some information, and ended up enrolling. Its just a basic puppy manners and behaviors class, and it lasts six weeks. Our first real class is next Thursday at 7 PM, so I'll be sure to have some pictures. After I got out of the class, the skies opened up, and you'd have thought that you'd be struck by lightning, just cause. The sky was lit up like the the Fourth of July. Seamus didn't cry once. He's such a good dog.