Thursday, July 20, 2006

New job.

My new job is starting on Monday. I'll be moving down the road a bit, over to Lockheed's "Main Plant" to start the database administrator job. I'm very excited but very nervous.

See, at this point, I've been in my current position for 53 weeks. While I was waiting for my security clearance, I had to sit in a crappy cube in a crappy building for two weeks, doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing. Once I finally got my clearance, they brought me over here, a secure building, and I started to learn the ropes. It took me three weeks just to know where half the equipment in this place is, and it took me six months to get a good grip on how the combat systems function. Now, a year later, I'm finally comfortable in my job. I'm at the point now that when someone makes a mistake, I can tell them so. Further, when someone really fucks something up, I can finally come down on them and give them some shit.

Sure, I'll never have the technical aptitude about these systems that BD has, since that guy has been working on this shit forever. He and a few other people were instrumental in making me feel comfortable in this building, and getting me the knowledge I needed to do my job. So I thank them at this point. Its been great working with you all, and if I can ever repay the debt, let me know. I'll buy the first round.

Its going to be weird...when I go to work on Monday, I'll be in training, and then all of a sudden, I'll have new things to people to friendships to make. But, I'm really going to miss this place. Its so unique, in the sense that there are only like five such places on the entire freakin' EARTH! I'll still be working with some of the engineers here, but in a much removed role.

Its all for the better, though. I won't have to work silly ass shifts anymore...better pay...better benefits...better track for advancement. Yeah, this will work nicely.