Thursday, January 25, 2007

US pledging $770M to Hezbollah

I just read an article that made me absolutely sick! The United States, purported supporter Israel, has pledged $770 million to rebuilding Lebanon after the Israeli/Lebanese war of 2006. This aid is coming as part of a $5 billion aid package from a coalition of 35 countries.

Aren't we supporting Israel, here? Why are we giving MY tax dollars to a country that does nothing but harbor terrorists? Isn't Lebanon one of the mid-east equivalents of a North Korea? So, Kim Jong Il, terrorist, bad. Hezbollah, terrorists, good? Does that make sense to anyone? Hezbollah controls that country, and they started the war against Israel, so instead of helping Israel destroy a common enemy, like we should have, we curtsy to the world, let France make us their bitch again, and keep pledging more money to countries that 1 - hate us, and 2 - should be wiped off the map.

Now, I know that President Bush is reeling here, has no real power, and is just a sitting duck. The democrats that control Congress are just waiting for ONE shred of evidence that would point to improprieties, and they'll impeach him faster than the pad thai left my colon yesterday, but FUCK! The democrats are going to try to do anything they can, over the next two years, to repair our "tarnished" image in France, Germany, Russia, and China, including giving a ridiculous amount of money to any country they think needs it, for anything. I mean, we're giving money to the terrorists, to train and recruit more terrorists.

We should have supported Israel in that war, destroyed Lebanon for good, then gone right through to take out Syria, and continue on for the trifecta, by razing Iran.

Does this sicken anyone else? I mean, they're your tax dollars, too.