Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seamus is getting neutered today...

I feel so bad. My little boy won't be a boy for much longer. His huge, hanging testicles, of which we've become so fond of, are going the way of the buffalo. I dropped him off at 7:15 this morning, and I feel terrible about doing so. By now, I'm sure he's been relieved of his family jewels. We pick him up at 7 this evening. As much as I'm looking forward to the accompanied drop in overall nutiness, I really am afraid that his demeanor would change. I pray it doesn't. I love him, and I love every part of his wild ways. He's never humped anyone or anything, save his fuzzy bed, and we did it with good intentions.

See, he has hip displasia, a condition in which his hips can pop out of the socket, causing severe arthritis. While we will have his hips replaced when he's old enough, we are afraid of him getting another dog pregnant, thus passing the poor hips on. Yes, it is genetic.

What really sucks about the whole thing is that he's a big, strapping boy. He's 9 months old, and 75 pounds, strong, lean, and is just a beauty to look at. I wish we could breed him. If only his hips would be good, he'd be great for the breed. Oh well...that deflated sack will be all that's left of what was once his manhood.

Poor thing.