Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yesterday was a looooong day.

Got up at 0415 to get to work by 0500, and worked my little tuchas off until 1300. Then, I went home, got changed, and headed to my future father-in-law's place to work on my car. I originally intended to work until about 1800, but 6 turned into 2030. By the time I grabbed a sub at Wawa, drove the 45 minutes from Lakehurst to Mount Laurel, took a shower and was ready to lay down, it was almost 10:30. Today, of course, I woke up at 0415 again. Tomorrow, I have to be at work from 0400 - 1500. Long day tomorrow. Thank God it's almost Friday. The reason for the hours tomorrow is that we have three people that are on vacation tomorrow, so there are only two of us to cover from 0500 - 0000. Of course, there's a DEMO going on tomorrow, and they need me in at 0400. When will I sleep???