Monday, April 17, 2006

Speeding sucks...if you get pulled over, that is.

Man, I got pulled over on Saturday afternoon. I had just finished up with about 14 hours worth of work on my car, spread over two days, and was driving my car from Lakehurst, where my fiancee's dad lives to my apartment. Instead of taking New Freedom Road through Medford, I decided to take Route 70...bad idea.

As I approached Red Top Market on Route 70, the truck in front of me proceeded to stop on the highway. Yes, that's correct...stop. I then just hit the gas once he got out from in front of me. My car, being the highway monster that it is, is slow to accelerate from 0-30, but once I hit 30, the car takes off like a rocket. All of a sudden I was going 70 mph, and all of a sudden, there was a state trooper in the other lane.

Anyway, he pulled me over a bit down the road, and told me I was going a little fast (gave no number). He asked how my driving record was, and I told him it was flawless, so he went and ran my info. A few minutes later, he came back and wrote me a ticket for "Driving as to possibly cause an accident", NJ statute 39:4-56. When I googled the statute, I saw that it was listed as "Delaying Traffic", and it carried a $47 fine, but more importantly, no points. My prayers were certainly answered after this one! He definitely didn't get me on radar, because if he did, I'd have been rung up for reckless driving, which carries 6 points! I'm just going to shut my mouth and pay the fine...of course, in the future, I'll make sure I'm going a little slower through that area.