Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Have you no decency?

Check out this article, on Air Marshals being charged with smuggling...

So these two guys just plead guilty to conspiracy to smuggle drugs...and they're federal Air Marshals! They accepted $15,000 from someone, in exchange for smuggling 15 pounds of cocaine through airport security. Of course, they are air marshals, so they wouldn't need to go through the TSA like the rest of us do...should have been a cake-walk for them, but they got busted.

Frankly, I think these two guys deserve a pretty lengthy prison stay, although I can't say they deserve the life in prison that they are eligible for on the smuggling charge. I mean, we're supposed to trust these guys. We shouldn't have to question their integrity or wonder if they're doing the right things while they're aboard passenger jets. I do think that having federal Air Marshals on planes, armed, of course, is a great idea. The additional security they provide is well worth their cost. On the other hand, are they really providing us with security when they do this type of stuff? Or, are they circumventing the law, simply because they can? Of course, these two guys are certainly the exception and not the norm, but it begs the question of whether or not these guys are really on our side...

If presented with a hostile situation about a passenger jet, would they act in the best interest of the people aboard or in their best interest? I'd like to think that they'd do their jobs and try what they could to defuse the situation (using any means necessary), but stuff like this makes me think otherwise.

So, in case you're keeping track, we can't trust the air marshals because they're corrupt. We can't trust the pilots because they're drunk. We can't trust the taxi drivers because they're foreign (and possibly a terrorist...that was a joke, ACLU). We can't trust the politicians because they're liars. We can't trust the unions because they're only in it for themselves and will screw anyone (including the company they work for) if they don't get their 15 minute breaks every half hour. We can't trust the news media because its biased. We can't trust our eyes, because they can be deceived. We can't trust our friends because they're just in it for themselves. Hell, we can't even trust our cars because Firestone makes bad tires...What to do, what to do?