Friday, February 02, 2007

My dog's balls.

Apparently, someone from the Taurus Car Club of America, has a problem with me discussing my dog's balls on my blog. He actually called me out in a message board, attempting to insult me by stating that although I have a degree, the depth of my knowledge and writing goes no further than scataogical topics. Now, I paraphrased when I wrote that last sentence, but you can imagine how the post probably went. I should also state that he wrote this while typing only in sentence fragments and without using proper grammar, punctuation, or as I told him on the site, forming a cohesive thought or sentence, or a cogent argument.

So, the thread has now turned to mug-slinging back and forth. My, how I love interweb drama.

Now, how this all came up takes a little history lesson. See, this guy, and I won't mention names, is always on this site. Well, not always, but when he is, his posts are usually about how someone's keeping him down, or that people are fucking with him, pissing him off, or there's some odd conspiracy against him. It's not that he's a conspiracy theorist like some others I know, but he tends to believe that everyone has a personal vendetta against him. I've never met him, and maybe they do, but from what I've read, there's a reason for it. Believe me on this one.

In a previous thread, on someone's entrance into college, and in the proceeding discussion on whether we thought he should stay on campus or commute, someone stated that they graduated from college with a dual bachelor's and master's degree, near the top of the class, and that they commuted. I stated that I lived on campus, was a resident assistant (that's right, I kicked those little freshman motherfuckers to the curb), and that I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Drexel University. This fellow, the vendetta one, not the dual degree one, then decided to state that when we would start comparing degrees, he wanted to be informed, so he could join in the pissing match. Again, paraphrasing here. I then told him that we could start a pissing contest on jobs and salaries, to which he decided that he would post that salaries aren't important, and that helping people is what matters.

You know what? I couldn't agree more! I believe that helping people matters, in whatever way you can. While some people volunteer, I make money by helping build some of the most sophisticated military weapons systems ever built. So, in essence, I am helping people, by enabling their protection from incoming nuclear warheads, should that ever come to pass.

What really pushed me over the edge is that he came on and started bitching about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotion in Boston, and how he got stuck in traffic for two hours because of it. Alright, I can deal with that, you're pissed because you were stuck in traffic. Big deal, it happens, but fine, post away. What pissed me off is that he posted this:

blink.gif no they are laughing because
they just realized in court they are 27 yo losers. laugh.gif

laugh.gif mom must be proud

As you can see, this guy is a real winner.

Anyway, the discussion has evolved into a few people backing me, calling him out as a douche.

Also, my dog's balls are just fine, thank you. Well, his sack is just fine. His balls are probably in a waste basket somewhere, or maybe sitting in a jar on someone's desk. I especially like that prospect. My dog had some big balls, let me tell you. They deserve to be shown off. I just wish he could have kept them. Unfortunately, the fact that he has hip dysplasia, and the fact that I'm a responsible parent, coupled with the reality that hip problems are passed along in a dog's genes, caused me to have his little boys removed so that the line of problems would stop there. Fortunately for the breed, I'm more responsible than the breeders we purchased him from.