Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice storms on Valentine's Day.

So today is Valentine's Day. Did you get your wifey or hubby something? You should have. I got wifey an awesome arrangement of flowers, that was delivered to her office just 10 minutes ago.

The problem is...she's not AT her office. We got 3" of snow, then 2" of ice and freezing rain last night/this morning, so they closed the light rail line she uses to get from Jersey to Philadelphia. There was now way in hell I was letting her drive in this, and there was no way in hell I was driving her into Philly, so she stayed home. It's now 2:04 PM, and although my car has been chipped out since 7:15 this morning (that was fun...broke both ice scrapers, between my car and hers), I haven't gone anywhere.

The bastards that run the condo complex I live in haven't even been around to plow, let alone shovel, and the cars aren't going anywhere. I tried. I really did. My car is just too low to get around in the ice, and hers is just too light.

So, we both stayed home today. I'll charge WC, or "Weather Calamity" and she'll get off without taking a vacation day. Two of the other executive recruiters live near us, and they couldn't get in either, so there's not much her boss is going to be able to do.

Anyway, what did she get me for Valentine's Day?

She got me a beautifully wrapped box from William's & Sonoma, containing this...I am so super-stoked about this. The box was almost too beautiful to open, but I tore in, and was handsomely rewarded. I've wanted a cleaver for a long time, and this one is EXACTLY what I wanted. It matches our other knives and EVERYTHING.

I just showed her the picture of the flowers I bought her, and had delivered to her office. She loved them, even if they're not sitting in front of her. I love this woman.

I hope everyone who has a valentine gets laid tonight, and I hope that anyone who doesn't have a valentine goes to a bar, and goes home with someone to get laid. Just remember to watch out for the Hi-Five and the herpes.