Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yeah, I hate Canada. I've always hated the way the Canadians talk, the crappy weather, the bullshit politics, how they allow US military draftees asylum; also, because they're nothing more than America, Junior.

For months, people at work have known that I hate Canada, including 99% of things that COME from Canada. That list includes: Rush, Alanis Morrisette, Royal Mounted Police, French-speaking people, liberal pansies, so-called "Cheap Pharmaceuticals," socialized health-care. Did I mention French-speakers? Things I actually DO like about Canadia: Molson, bears, hockey, Keifer Sutherland.

Guess what...I'm probably going to Montreal. Yeah, Montreal, as in "Right in the fucking middle of Canada, full of fucking french-speaking Canadians, what with their flapping heads, eehhs, aboots, and liberalism."

My company is working on a new proposal up in Montreal, to build a big test environment, and I've pulled the lucky number to set up the machines down here, and probably accompany them up to Montreal and set them up. Then, since the proposal committee doesn't have the money right now to purchase new machines, the old ones are going to get tech refreshed in six months. So, I set up these new machines now, go to Canadia, then, in six months, go back up there, dispo these old machines, and build several new machines. Sounds like fun, right?

Hopefully I'll be up there for a few days, so Meg can go up with me, and we can get all shitty on Molson. Unfortunately, 10 hours in, she'd start missing the dog!

Anyway, it looks like Travis Gruber (Senior Airman Travis Gruber, that is) got screwed by that douche at the Contra Costa Times, but hopefully he'll get back what's his, namely, his job and his good name. That asshat Peele did a great 1-2 screwjob on Travis, and I could imagine that Travis would just take the easy way out and take down his site for good, but I'm glad to see that he's fighting back, and he's put his site www.howtokillpeople.com. I don't read Travis that much, but what happened to him was bullshit, and he deserves his anonymity, if he desires it. It was a complete infringement upon his right to privacy (I guess that applies when you're talking about abortion, but not when you're talking about a left-wing hack attacking a member of the military).