Thursday, May 10, 2007

Limoncello. Again.

This stuff is just about the tastiest stuff I've ever had to drink. I freaking love it. I didn't even let it sit for the prescribed month, and I'm hooked. I've gone through almost the entire thing in less than a month, and I'm fixing to make more tonight, hopefully.

It looks like my Haloscan comments are "jacked" (in Bane-speak). Not sure what's up with all of those.

This week was a rough one. My wife never grew up with any grandparents. All of them had died before she was born, so she was more or less "adopted" by two different sets of neighbors. She was very close with all of them, and one of them died just the other night. He was an old Scottish immigrant, coming to the US sometime after WWII, if I recall correctly. He was just genuinely a nice guy, and although you couldn't understand him half the time, he was always there to video tape a young couple going to their prom, to defend the fort, or to help out when the basement flooded.

There were many times when my wife or her sister would forget their keys, and would be trying to wriggle through a basement window, when they'd suddenly hear "Who goes there?" and would turn around to find a double-barreled shotgun leveled squarely at them. That was the way he was. He had cancer for two years or more, and finally went. I hope it was peacefully.

We attended his wake last evening. It was very sad, though I got to catch up with someone I was friends with all through elementary school.

Anyway, besides that, this week was DSS inspection. DSS stands for "Defense Security Service." It's basically just a week where we get poked and prodded (not physically, of course) to make sure that our security procedures are up to snuff. This whole week (and the weeks leading up to this week) have been extremely high stress for everyone here. We're all counting down the hours until it's done. Only another 9 hours until they're out of here.