Thursday, March 15, 2007

My new blog.

Ok Steph, I'm NOT moving! Thanks for the concern, though.

I set up a new blog today, Dr. Pepper and the Screaming Chicken, as a new technical blog. See, I've got all this stuff written down in notebooks, and in .txt files, and much of it is helpful information that IT people can use. So much information is scattered around the web, hither and tither, and it's tough to find a lot of useful information.

So, my purpose here is two-fold. One, I want to help other poor, hapless bastards like myself, that can't seem to figure out how to boot into single user mode on that new Red Hat server they just built. Two, I want to have access to all this information myself, so that what' in my notebook isn't stuck at my desk, where it's useless, as I'm in other buildings far too much now.

I'll start posting there as soon as I find some good stuff to get up there, and I'll still post here; surely much more here than there.

Oh yeah, and Steph, I just converted my comments over there to Haloscan, so your comment is lost FOR-EVVVVERRRRRR.